Training Practice

We are an accredited training practice for GP registrars, trainee doctors, medical students and both undergraduate and postgraduate nurses.

Drs John Rohan, Beth Macmillan and Devrim Beyzade are certified trainers for GP registrars. Registrars are fully qualified doctors, with extensive hospital experience and they normally spend up to a year in training with us.

Sometimes you may be given an appointment to see a registrar and your permission sought for the consultation to be recorded on video for teaching purposes. Declining to give your permission will not affect your treatment in any way.

Our nurses are qualified to provide training and work experience for both undergraduate and postgraduate nurses.

In the UK the Royal College of General Practitioners is the academic organisation for general practitioners or family doctors. Other useful web resources are the Londonwide LMCsDrug and Therapeutics Bulletin and the British National Formulary

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